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Sept 13: WHITE-TAILED TROPICBIRD found in CT on Aug 28th! Read this fascinating story at Greg's site....


This Hurricane Irene blog was meant to be helpful for just ONE WEEK to provide REAL-TIME reporting of ALL Atlantic coast storm-birds DURING the "teeth" of the storm, but the storm's winds and flooding killed our electricity and this blog. Without electricity, water and internet for 102 hours prevented us reporting during the most exciting part of the hurricane and its birding aftermath.
Instead of trying to "catch-up" and reconstruct those 102 missing hours from the archived listserv reports, we will instead 1) summarize them, 2) learn what we can from this "experiment" in real-time-hurricane-bird-blogging, 3) request eBird data entry of all hurricane reports, and 4) get ready for the NEXT hurricane this year!

Therefore we will refocus on the latest current map of the NEXT hurricanes and their projected storm tracks.....
Tropical Storms and Hurricanes (and the wind speed probabilities map... Wind Speed Projections ) and prepare again to answer these questions....
What impacts will the next hurricane have on birds on the East Coast of the USA (plus the western Atlantic and maritime Canada)? And how will that be reflected on the twenty main internet bird lists covering that region?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day #5 The eye of Irene is just south of New York City

It is 9:15am and the eye of hurricane Irene is just a few miles south of New York City....

Scroll down through the items below, and click on the colored text links on the left side of an item, to jump to that item......

Vermont Birds ... discussion about possible hurricane birds in Vermont, by Bryan Pfeiffer
Vermont Birds ... mention of two useful sites for birding Irene, thanks to Bryan Pfeiffer!
Vermont Birds ... a very pleasant sense of humor, thanks to Paula Gills.

The Massachusetts Birding List ... two good posts by Marshall Iliff about where to look in Massachussetts.

Connecticut Birds ... SOOTY TERN at Fairfield Beach CT, from James Purcell.

Connecticut Birds ... BAND-RUMPED STORM-PETREL by Nick Bonomo and Julian Hough. and 50 RED-NECKED PHALAROPES by Frank Mantlik.

Connecticut Birds ... SOOTY TERN and LT JAEGER in CT, Nick Bonomo

Northern New York Birds ... a reminder for local birders to be alert for hurricane birds, from Dana Rohleder.

The New York Birding List ... Three feet of water covering Dune Road, Hampton Bays, Suffolk, NY, from Robert Adamo.

The New York Birding List ... BRIDLED TERN at Gilgo Beach LI, NY from Andrew Baksh, Pat Lindsay and Shai Mitra

The New York Birding List ... Central Park in New York City, by Peter Post.

The New York Birding List ... 4 BRIDLED TERNS and 2 SOOTY TERNS in East Hampton, Suffolk County, NY,   by Angus Wilson

New Jersey Birding ... WHITE-TAILED TROPICBIRD and 2 SOOTY TERNS near Cape May, Michael O'Brien, David La Puma, et al.

New Jersey Birding ... helping other people during this storm, by Harvey Tomlinson.

The Pennsylvania Birding List ... 2 SOOTY TERNS from PA, by Drew Weber

The Pennsylvania Birding List ... (LT?) JAEGER from Matt Sabatine, Drew Weber and Devich Farbotnik.

Delaware Birds ... 6 tern species but action has slowed, from Jeffrey Gordon.

Delaware Birds ... BRIDLED TERN, STORM PETREL,  Black Terns, from Jeffrey Gordon.

MDOsprey Birding List ... SOOTY TERN from Bill Hubick, Lutmerding, Feild, and King.

MDOsprey Birding List ... SOOTY TERN from Kevin Graff.

MDOsprey Birding List ... TROPICAL TERN (SPP) and LONG-TAILED JAEGER, from Bill Hubick.

Virginia Birding ... a fond remembrance of Roger Tory Peterson, from Harry Glasgow.

The Carolinas Birding List ... RED-NECKED PHALAROPE, from Chris Helms

The Carolinas Birding List ... RED-NECKED PHALAROPE, from Ali Iyoob

Birdbrains ... RED-NECKED PHALAROPE, from Roberto Torres

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