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Sept 13: WHITE-TAILED TROPICBIRD found in CT on Aug 28th! Read this fascinating story at Greg's site....


This Hurricane Irene blog was meant to be helpful for just ONE WEEK to provide REAL-TIME reporting of ALL Atlantic coast storm-birds DURING the "teeth" of the storm, but the storm's winds and flooding killed our electricity and this blog. Without electricity, water and internet for 102 hours prevented us reporting during the most exciting part of the hurricane and its birding aftermath.
Instead of trying to "catch-up" and reconstruct those 102 missing hours from the archived listserv reports, we will instead 1) summarize them, 2) learn what we can from this "experiment" in real-time-hurricane-bird-blogging, 3) request eBird data entry of all hurricane reports, and 4) get ready for the NEXT hurricane this year!

Therefore we will refocus on the latest current map of the NEXT hurricanes and their projected storm tracks.....
Tropical Storms and Hurricanes (and the wind speed probabilities map... Wind Speed Projections ) and prepare again to answer these questions....
What impacts will the next hurricane have on birds on the East Coast of the USA (plus the western Atlantic and maritime Canada)? And how will that be reflected on the twenty main internet bird lists covering that region?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summary at end of Day #4 Saturday night 8/27

It is 9pm August 27th and Hurricane Irene is east of the Virginia coast. Many observers have found Black Terns and other good coastal birds in the last two days. Good birders in Florida, the Carolinas and Virginia in the last two days have also reported some of the classic "hurricane birds"of Sooty Tern, Bridled Tern, Brown Noddy and Frigatebird,  but the storm was too far East for it to give Georgia any similar species.

The next two days will be very interesting to see if any typical "hurricane birds" are reported from the next states to be touched by Irene, as it pushes up the coast line toward New York City and Long Island, which will apparently take a direct hit. Irene will then push into New England, probably hitting the Connecticut coast strongly. Be careful.

If electricity continues in CT this blog will continue throughout Sunday 8/28 and Monday also, monitoring about twenty listservs on the East Coast and Canada, and phone calls from NorthEast birding friends. If this site goes inactive it would mean that we lost electricity and the ability to connect to the internet.

As Nick Bonomo said here a few minutes ago... Connecticut Birds
it may be possible to do some SAFE post-storm birding Sunday afternoon, TBD.
If you do see anything outstanding on Sunday or Monday please post immediately on CTbirds or your local state bird list, and call other birders.

Please remember to put safety first, ahead of everything else.
Take care and Good night!

Day #4 Hurricane Irene east of the Carolinas

LOOKS LIKE BRIDLED TERNS IN FLORIDA and THE CAROLINAS ARE THE FIRST OF THE DAY!  See several other hurricane birds in the items below in RED.

This update is as of 9 PM  Saturday   8/27

This map shows the cumulative wind history of Hurricane Irene, as of mid-day 8/27...

Here is the projected storm track as of 9 pm Saturday....8/27... you can click on it to enlarge...
the storm path has adjusted a bit west and the eye of the storm is apparently aiming directly at Manhattan in NYC!

Here is the track as of 5pm...

Here is the projected storm track as of 2pm...

Here is the trajectory as of 8am....

Hurricane Irene Birds - Maine birds | Google Groups ... comments on this blog and discussion about where to do hurricane birding, thanks to Peter Vickery.

some hurricane predictions and suggestions - Maine birds | Google Groups ... from Derek Lovitch, a new and very interesting blog, featuring Hurricane Irene currently....
Maine Outdoor Journal | Field Notes: Introducing the Gulf of Maine Bird Watch!

Rhode Island Birds ... squeezing in some pre-hurricane birding, before the beach areas are closed, by Jan St. Jean.

Connecticut Birds ... it may be possible to see rare species late Sunday, TBD, from Nick Bonomo.

Connecticut Birds ... our own 3pm update about this Hurricane Irene blog.  Another update forthcoming around 9pm tonight.

The New York Birding List ... Thanks to Mike Cooper for a list of three webcams which are giving almost real-time snapshot still ocean views...of coastal places which will be difficult to get to for a few days...
Gilgo- stills- refreshed evry second or so....
Gilgo Surf Cam - Bunger Surf Shop Surfcam of Gilgo Beach Long Island N.Y.
Shinnecock still picture updated every 15 minutes...
Webcam at Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island, New York USA
Montauk- watch about 20 seconds, then have to reload for an ad....    Montauk Surf Report and HD Surf Cam | SURFLINE.COM

Hudson Mohawk Birds ... history of storm birds around Albana, by Will Raup

Hudson Mohawk Birds ... reflections on hurricane birds, by Chad Witko

The New York Birding List ... Suffolk County parks closed on Long Island, from Mike Cooper.

The New York Birding List .. more discussion about where to go, from Jacob Drucker.

The New York Birding List ... where to go to see hurricane birds?? by Peter Post, Mike Cooper, Bob Lewis.

The New York Birding List ... Gateway closed question, from Steve Walter.

The New York Birding List ... more beach closures on eastern Long Island, by Eileen Schwinn, Don Riepe, Mike Cooper, David Klauber, etc.

The New York Birding List ... Several posts here indicate that most of the ocean beaches around western Long Island and NYC are being closed and asking birders and other visitors to leave.

The New York Birding List ... looks like most of the Long Island beaches will be closed and inaccessible, as per Angus Wilson.

The New York Birding List ... this hurricane blog gets some advertising on the New York birding list, thank to Peter Post.

New Jersey Birding ... three consecutive good posts about hurricane birding in NJ and especially around Cape May, by David La Puma, Steve Glynn, and Fred Virrazzi.  Good luck to all of you Sunday & Monday, and hopefully Cape May has some good birds.

MDOsprey Birding List ... no real hurricane birds in a sea-watch this afternoon, by Jim Stasz. This is the smart way to do a hurricane seawatch.... from inside a safe restaurant overlooking the ocean!  (-:

MDOsprey Birding List ... The MD bird listserv is active late today with questions and ideas about where to look for hurricane birds.

MDOsprey Birding List ... Royal, Caspian and Black Terns, but probably not truly hurricane birds, from  Jeff Shenot.

MDOsprey Birding List ... 11 Black Terns at 11:30am may be hurricane birds, by Jim Stasz.

MDOsprey Birding List ... Maryland discussion of possible hurricane bird species, by Phil Davis.

The West Virginia Birding List ... brief note on possible storm birds, by Matt Orsie.

Virginia Birding ... two SOOTY TERNS around 4-5pm, thanks to Mike Stinson, David Spears, and Evan Spears.

Virginia Birding ... two BRIDLED TERNS in a roost with Black, Caspian, Royal, Common, Forster's, and Sandwich Terns, thanks to Ned Brinkley.

Virginia Birding ... a hurricane "storm roost" forming in Virginia, by Ned Brinkley.

The Carolinas Birding List ... 3 SOOTY TERNS, thanks to Ali Iyoob.

The Carolinas Birding List ... SOOTY TERNS from Andrew Thornton and Kent Fiala.  Same birds located later by Steve Shultz... The Carolinas Birding List

The Carolinas Birding List ... thankful for the SOOTY TERN photos, by Harry Sell.

The Carolinas Birding List ... 2 BRIDLED TERNS from Derb Carter.

The Birding Lists Digest ... BRIDLED TERN in the Carolinas, by Derb Carter, thanks to a comment sent in by Jess.

The Birding Lists Digest ... SOOTY TERN at Mason Inlet, NC by Derb Carter.

The Carolinas Birding List ... more on the SOOTY TERN and BRIDLED TERN from Derb Carter.

The Carolinas Birding List ... southern parts of Carolinas already showing some post-hurricane weather, discussing hummers, not hurricane seabirds.

Georgia Birding ... nothing about hurricane birds from Georgia yet.

Florida Birds ... BRIDLED TERN in Florida around 9am, by Linda Most.

Florida Birds ... the hurricane Whimbrel appears to be alive and well today 8/27, as per email from Patrick Leary. See the map of the bird's position today 8/27... - Tracking - Chinquapin

Birdbrains ... Florida birders looking for hurricane birds late yesterday, but with little success, by Gary Davis.